Thursday 23 January 2014

Yet more pups in the house

Our Hexe and Cyrus pups are 4 weeks old now and the fun times are about to start.  I sure hope this obscene cold leaves us in the next couple of weeks, my little house is not big enough to keep a litter of nine pups entertained, we will need some outside time to run off all that puppy energy!  For now, we will enjoy moments like this, but, I have been raising pups long enough to know that in a week they will be everywhere at once.  I now recall why I haven't had a winter litter for a few years :-)  Pups will come downstairs next week, which means I will start to get a full nights sleep again, that should help.  To see more sweet photos of our pups, check out Hexe's Nursery Blog by clicking here

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