Saturday, 14 December 2013

A wolf's heart

Dinsdale's Hope -- March 27th 2001 - December 13th 2013

My beautiful Hope passed yesterday, she would of been 13 years old in the Spring. 

I have so many emotions about my journey with Hope, she probably taught me more about dogs, and, in general, then any other I have owned.  Lessons about how fragile their bond to us can be, how these pets, that we think of as almost human, are only a heartbeat away from their wild ancestors.  I lost Hope at 10 months of age, she wandered out an open gate and was gone for a week in January.  We had many sightings of her, but, during that time she reverted to that feral being that is within them all, but, is seldom shown to us.  I thought I would never get her back, and when I finally did, I held on, probably too strongly.  I made mistakes, had regrets with how I handled things, but Hope, she just moved on with life.  

Hope delivered four beautiful litters to Dinsdale, she was the most sensational mom, protective, playful she always raised her pups well.  At home she was part of my Dynamic Duo, Cutter and his sister Hope.  The last couple of years she has been the one that sleeps in our bed at night, I miss her steady breath and the assortment of toys that she liked to sleep with.

There was no extended ailment with Hope, she fell ill and I said a final goodbye to her all within a week.  Seven days of worry, mixed with a couple days of feeling optimistic and then the final diagnosis of Bladder Cancer and my decision to let her go.  

I cannot believe it is time to say goodbye to my beautiful, loyal girl, Hope, my companion who possessed the heart and soul of a wolf.

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