Tuesday 1 October 2013

Harvest 2013

I have been eating from the garden since the first week of June.  When the tomatoes were coming fast and furious I was roasting daily and freezing.  The garden is winding down now, I expect we will be getting frost in a week or two.  Today I picked what will likely be my last big tomato harvest, a good 10lbs of beautiful summer goodness that we will enjoy this winter when it will be hard to believe that we were once able to walk to the garden and put together an entire meal grown ourselves.  I have garlic, onions and potatoes stored, I imagine enough to get me through to the end of January.  I have turned peppers into amazing Sriracha Sauce, fermented hot peppers to make our own version of Tabasco, roasted sweet red ones and frozen them for winter meals.  We have corn and green beans frozen, and canned pickles of various types.

My first ever harvest of Jerusalem Artichokes was today.  An interesting tuber from the sunflower family.  I roasted a few in Walnut Oil seasoned with Rosemary & Thyme and served over a bed of lettuce & baby kale from the garden, sprinkled with roast pecans and pumpkin seeds for an amazing Autumn Salad.
I love this time of the year, the weather is amazing, warm sunny days, beautiful cool nights for sleeping.  Soon we will be starting the woodstove and moving inside for a few months, until then I will enjoy the garden and all the end of the season chores as we lead up to putting it all to bed until next Spring.
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