Tuesday 14 May 2013

Bedroom nursery

Our spare bedroom has always been a nursery for our pups, we even raised chicks in it for a few weeks last year, this Spring it has been set up with grow lights and our seedlings have been started there.
We planted seeds a month later then last year, but, hadn't expected we would have such a cold late  Spring, combine that with our super amazing grow lights and the plants are out of control.  That is a pumpkin blooming above.  Hopefully the hard frost of the last two evenings marks the end to the cold weather and I can get all these plants into the ground within the week.  I really don't fancy a wild pumpkin vine making it's way through the house!

Most of our Pepper plants are flowering, tomatoes started to set flower a couple weeks ago.  Not exactly the location I wanted to grow my vegetables in!
Wonder if we will have tomatoes & peppers on the vines early this year, or, will the shock of transplanting outside set them back further?  Guess we will find out.
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