Wednesday 13 March 2013

Internet Lies

It's true, you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet.  For instance, most people know that the fresher the egg, the more difficult it is to remove the shell when boiled without destroying the egg inside.  You see, when an egg is laid there is a very small air pocket inside, on the large side of the egg.  As the egg ages, outside air is absorbed through the shell enlarging that area, making it much easier to remove the shell.
However!!! Stop the press  this is the secret that everyone with chickens has been sharing on the Internet for perfect, easy peel, fresh eggs.  You bake them in the oven, then plunge into icy water.  Sounds simple.

Here is a picture of the perfectly peeled beauty from the Internet

Look at the gorgeous, smooth, glossy perfectly peeled egg.  Hmmmm.....

Do you think that is what I have sitting in a bowl in my fridge right now?

Seriously, would I be posting this if it did?

This is what my eggs look like, ack!  Sigh...why do I fall for these things????

Yep, pretty sad isn't it?

All is not loss, the dogs are gonna love those.

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