Friday 12 October 2012

Add this to the list

The, 'Things my dogs have killed post' back in 2008 has a new addition, ruffed grouse.  Yep, Hope decided to do a little Fall hunting in the yard.

I think this kill was super exciting for Hope, she has been obsessed with the chickens since they resided as tiny chicks in the spare room this Spring.  The grouse is about 1/3 the size of my chickens, I have no doubt that size doesn't matter and Hope would be just as happy to do the same to my chickens if given the opportunity.  So much for the theory that Standard Schnauzers were originally bred as an all purpose farm dog.  Not sure how Hope's genetic line slipped through history as I don't know many farmers that would of kept a chicken killing dog on the farm.  Perhaps the schnauzer was locked in the barn with the large livestock to work on ridding it of mice and rats?? At least that is my theory.
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