Thursday 16 August 2012

Tater Time

There are not many garden activities as satisfying in a vegetable garden then plunging your hands into the warm dark soil to search for potatoes.  A wonderful treasure hunt.
The taste of homegrown potatoes is superior to anything you can buy at a grocery store, better then any I have purchased at roadside stands and farmers markets.  Our new potatoes were quickly boiled then tossed with butter, fresh parsley or rosemary, a little salt & pepper, amazing.

This was my first year planting potatoes, it was a bit of a last minute venture.  Mick and I had cleared out some old brush this spring, we had extra topsoil which I dumped where the brush formally was, ordered my potatoes and when then arrived I buried them in the dirt.  Initially they did very well, but first the drought knocked them back, then when the rain came, blight finished them off.  I did get a lovely early potato harvest which we enjoyed.  The later variety hasn't been as productive, this is the last of them. 

This fall I will be preparing some new larger garden beds one of which will be for next years potatoes.  I know I can do better with a little more planning and after tasting these I cannot imagine not growing my own again.
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