Tuesday 31 July 2012

Schnauzer free photo day

If you have come to view Schnauzer photos, my apologies, today I celebrate the chicken
Blanche a chicken with attitude, love her!

 I just love my four Barred Plymouth Rocks, they are the most entertaining, definitely they are at the top of the pecking order.  Blanche is the smallest but from watching them daily it is obvious she is the matriarch of the flock.  She follows me around, easiest to pick up and she is always the most indignant when I release her.

 I am a bit worried that the chicken above is a....gulp rooster.  At 3 months of age they are just starting to grow out their combs and wattles, this one seems to be an early developer.  Haven't heard any crowing yet, I hope it is just more advanced.  On the plus side, if one were to be a rooster the Buff Orpington breed is one of the more docile breeds and if he were not too noisy I would love to have a rooster in the hen house.  Any chicken experts out there with an opinion?

 The white and black hens are my Columbian Wyandotte, they are the most wary of the three breeds, they are always lurking in the background and the four usually stick together.  If a fox were to enter the hen house I am sure the Plymouth Rocks and the Orpingtons would be the first to go, they show the most ease and curiosity towards the dogs, the Wyandottes would be the ones to fly the coop and escape unharmed

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