Thursday 8 September 2011

Toy obsession

 At 10.5 years of age Cutter (looking all dignified above) has developed a toy obsession.  He has always enjoyed ripping into a squeaky and retrieving a ball if it means getting it before another dog does.  But, this is different, it started about a week ago with a rubber 'Chuck-It' ball.  He became obsessed with the ball, would spend all his time squeezing it between his jaws, fishing it out of corners and under furniture, no other dog is allowed to even look at HIS rubber ball.

This afternoon on the deck he found some toys left over from the pups this summer, he chewed the rope bone until he was exhausted and panting, guarding it from his sister Hope.  Who, I think feels her brother has lost his mind, I can see her rolling her eyes at him as he holds a protective paw over his finds.

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