Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bunny update

It's been almost a month since the rabbits arrived, they are doing very well, growing like mad and enjoying sampling the seasonal buds, weeds and assorted various Spring sprouts. One of their favorites are the new shoots on the wild bramble berry bushes, thorns are enjoyed as well as the leaves. Mr.Ed has finally decided that I am not such a bad character, like our Schnauzers, bribery works big time with bunnies too. I finally decided this weekend that they deserved names.This little Japanese Harlequin marked girl is Ivy Meet Thistle, a chocolate Harlequin with a strange looking white face, probably the most dominant of the does. I had to move her out of her sister's cage today and into her own as she is getting quite the attitude. Thistle's sister Fern, very sweet and a little more shy then her pushy sister. This is baby Bramble, she is adorable. I love that she is twitching her nose so fast it is blurry in the photo. Above is Andy, one of my two bucks, he is still young enough to stay with sisters Bramble and Ivy but will be getting his own cage in a couple of weeks. Andy decided having his photo taken was booor-ing And finally Fast Eddy (formally Mr.Ed) who is becoming a real charmer, but definitely has no designs on being a lap bunny, I have the scratches to prove it!
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