Sunday 13 March 2011

Busy times at home

I have been a bit erratic with my postings and down right terrible about returning email inquiries. So much happening of late. First I decided to find a new home for Token, our Toy Manchester Terrier. We adored so much about Token and the breed in general, it was fun to fulfill the girlie side of me and have a little dog wearing jackets and sleeping in my lap. But the size difference between Token & my Standard Schnauzers was a worry. With the help of her breeder a wonderful new home was found and Token left us last week :-( She now resides with a lovely couple that has owned the breed for years, she is fitting in wonderfully. I will miss her lovely shiny black eyes, but I believe all things happen for a reason and that Token is exactly where she should be. I am also in the process of obtaining rabbits, this has been fun and exciting to research. My cages arrive next week and I will pick up my rabbits shortly after that. These are breeding rabbits whose offspring will be raised to (gasp!) supplement both our dinner table and the dogs. Stay tuned for lots of wonderful bunny photos in the future. I will not go into details about the Spring thaw, the constant weather change from snow one day and rain the next has turned most of our pathways into rivers of water and mud, keeping home and dogs dry is a challenge! And lastly who was not riveted to the TV last Friday watching the shocking video of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, makes one take stock of just how lucky we are....wet dogs and all. PS I was taking photos of birds at the feeder and this bold sparrow was in many of the shots, if you look closely you will notice that it's left eye is missing. I didn't even notice it until I began editing the photos.
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