Thursday 20 January 2011

Still here

Hickstead continues on as a Dinsdale resident. We have had some puppy ups and downs but overall Hickstead is a pretty neat pup. Super laid back, a very welcome novelty for a schnauzer pup. I think it is safe to say he is now house-trained, mind you I would NEVER leave him unattended in the house, as long as I am there and willing to get up and let the boy out 2-3 times during the hour for a quick whiz he is just fine, no accidents for almost 2 weeks now. He has weathered Daisy, Clover, Fiddle and now Token being in season, which has been more of an annoyance to me then to Hickstead whom I am sure would agree. I guess our biggest obstacle currently is keeping him and Olive entertained and teaching them both crate manners, they just don't get why they should spend any time in a crate, other then at night, and are very vocal with their complaints. Hickstead is a big howler and has set off the entire dog population in a full fledged pack wolf howl on numerous occasions. That has got to stop as there is one thing Lori likes and that is quiet dogs, I'm sure we will eventually get there. Olive is such a super little shit that I cannot even bring myself to post recent photos of the monster, to all those that also have a Fiddle & Beamish pup, I feel your pain and I apologize :-)
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