Friday 18 June 2010


We have an adorable batch of baby squirrels on the property, I can usually see 3-4 every morning staked out around the bird feeders and garden fences. It is very enjoyable to watch them playing and sunning themselves, for the most part my dogs have even begun to ignore them. They do however drive Fiddle, Hexe and Edee a little crazy. Hexe and Edee spend most of their time outside staring up into the trees, I am amazed they are not running blindly into posts and tree trunks as they seem oblivious to anything but the squirrels above them. In the house Fiddle is usually fixated on the windows, for a treat in the morning I will put her out on the front porch to watch them at the bird feeder. This little fellow seemed so relaxed this morning enjoying the warm sun while his (or her) siblings were stealing the birds breakfast.
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