Sunday 26 July 2009

I've been stung!

OUCH! A week and a half ago Gussy was stung by a wasp, the right side of her face swelled, her eye was swollen shut, her lip almost 2 inches thick. Benedryl, a cold soaking and prednisone brought it down over the next 4 days, whew. Then Thursday I put her in her crate for a couple of hours and when I opened the door....this is what she looked like ACK! I hustled her off to the vet thinking she was stung again. According to the vet it would be MOST unusual (as in he has never seen) for a dog to have a second sting cause a reaction. Best guess is an under lying staph infection from the first sting and an over reactive immune system. I hate when anything happens to Gussy as she is just the most wonderful schnauzer, she isn't demanding, is always grateful for any and all attention she receives and is never a bully or confrontational with my other dogs. On the plus side Gussy has enjoyed her pill stuffed hot dogs every day. Her eye is now open and the ulceration has calmed down and isn't nearly as painful looking. Hopefully she will be posing for much more pretty photos soon.
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