Monday, 30 March 2009

Happy Endings

As a breeder we try to stay in touch with owners of our dogs, we make ourselves available to help them tackle training issues and answer the many questions a new owner has. Sometimes this is a frustrating ordeal as occasionally people don't want to hear that they have made mistakes, other times they except our advice with an open mind and are able to correct quickly. At times I feel rather beat up as owners tell me how rotten, evil, dominant, vindictive, noisy, dirty, destructive their dog is. I sometimes loose patience and feel the need to remind owners that THEY came to me looking for a pet with promises of raising and training them to be good dogs, these people are actually letting me, and their dogs down. Occasionally a pup or adult is returned to us, like Sam was at 2 years of age. Sam's first family was having difficulty with him being wild and uncontrollable around children resulting in a couple of excited nips. It is always difficult to rehouse a dog that has a history of biting, I was a little unsure what I would do with Sam. When he arrived I was pleased to find him to be a really neat dog, with a very big personality. I did a little training, kept him with me for a few months to make sure he was temperamentally sound and when the right family came along we sent Sam off to his new home. His owners check in every now and then with news and photos of Sam, below is there 4th year update: Hi Lori, just thought I'd send an update on Sam, he's helping us plan and outfit our boat for retirement, leaving in September for parts Floridian.He's not much help actually doing any of the work but he likes to watch me and lets the "Admiral" know if I mess up anything. He'll be a Caribbean dog as of about November this year. He's going to learn salt water is not for drinking and to stay away from sharks and alligators, but he is a very fast learner so I'm sure he will be fine. He is a lot calmer now that he is almost 6yrs old and he spends two days a week working from home with me and the other three he watches the house for us. We'll have to send you a picture on him on his own Bahamian Island when we find him one. Just thought I'd send this quick note so you know we are happy as heck to have him with us still, he's in great health and looking forward to travelling. Take care bye for now. Below is one of my favorite photos of Sam enjoying some Ontario Sailing. I look forward to a future postcard from a place with sunshine, warm breezes and one very happy schnauzer.
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