Tuesday 7 October 2008

Hear hear it's all about ears

Check out those HUGE schnauzer ears. I had decided before Edee arrived that I wanted my next pup to keep her natural ears. I hadn't banked on Edee having a king sized set of ears. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised as Daddy Humphrey sported rather large ears before he was cropped. In North America we are able to show our schnauzers with either ear style, most dogs in the show ring still sport the traditional cropped ear, however more are being seen with the natural ear and I think it important that judges see them and get use to judging the natural ear. I also encourage my puppy owners to stay with the natural ear, only fair that I have dogs available for them to see with the natural look. I dithered for a long while to keep Edee natural, or, to change my mind and have her cropped.....seriously these are large ears. However, they are set lovely on her head and she uses them well. So far I haven't had to do any additional taping of them even though she is madly teething at the moment. If the ears were smaller I am sure I would of had to tape them down as small ears love to fly around all over the place, guess that is the good thing about her elephant ears. I think if Edee could have a say in the matter she would tell me she is happy I chose to stay with the natural look. Edee Smiles in approval of her gorgeous BIG natural ears!
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