Wednesday, 20 August 2008

What colour is that dog?

If you said Black you would be right, Juno however does not possess good, true, clear black coloration. Granted, she is now clipped not hand stripped, but her loss of colour started well before I decided to stop stripping her coat. Her sire is Pepper & Salt, her mom is Black, this combination does not always produce a nice deep black coat. I bred Juno to a nicely coloured black male, her daughter Hexe has a beautiful black coat. Most of our black litters have been sired by our black male Monty whom we imported from the Czech Republic. He produces only black pups regardless of if we breed him to a black female, or, a Pepper & Salt. At some point owners of black pups may mention they are seeing white hair in the coat of their black pups, and does this mean they will end up with a Pepper & Salt pup? No, their pup will remain black, perhaps like Juno, hopefully better in colour, but either way, there will be no mistaking that their schnauzer is indeed black.
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