Wednesday 12 January 2011

Kulfi a Hong Kong schnauzer

I am lucky to have placed my pups into amazing & interesting homes over the years and am always thrilled to receive updates from their amazing & interesting owners. It hasn't gone unnoticed that many of my dogs live more varied and well travelled lives then I do! Meet Kulfi a pup from Juno's litter sired by Cutter, he was the only Pepper & Salt in a litter of Black pups. Below is an email I received a few weeks ago from his owner about her adventure moving from Ontario, Canada to Hong Kong with her Schnauzer which she gave me permission to reprint here. Dear Lori, This email is long overdue and I thought it was time for an update about Kulfi and his new life in Hong Kong. We moved back to Hong Kong in the beginning of May. He has been here for over six months and is well settled now. When we first arrived it was the start of the intense hot summer months and the humidity was something that we both had to get accustomed to. I have had to keep his coat very short and get him groomed regularly. As my family is based here I was well aware of the crowds and lack of greenery on the main island. So I made a decision to live in Discovery Bay, Lantau - one of the out-line islands around Hong Kong. This has allowed us to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle while allowing me to get the work that I need to get done. There are plenty of hiking trails and water pools further up in the area, and down in the heart of Discovery Bay (DB) is the beach. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Among the Hong Kong community DB is known for catering to young families with children and families that have dogs. I had hired the services of Ferndales Kennels to assist me with the move, because I didn’t want to take any chances with any problems that might occur due to an international move. Looking back I’m very happy that I made that decision, it gave me serious peace of mind in a certain sense (I was still very nervous about how he would get on). He arrived a day before I did and when we were reunited I think I had the best sleep in a long time. He was still very anxious and on high alert for a few days, but that quickly settled down once I chalked out a routine for the both of us. So, what is he like? His salt and pepper coat is dynamic, when it is shorter he tends to be lighter. Last time he went to the vet for a check-up he weighed at 19.56 kgs, I don’t think he’s changed much on that front. His eyes twinkle and when he is mischievous his eyes glow (well at least that’s what I think). He is so very smart and very needy at the same time. He also has a very deep bark. You will be proud to know that he has been complete toilet trained since he was around eight months old. He has a lovely disposition and garners attention everywhere he goes. He is indeed a people person, but I’ve noticed that he also likes his space and time (he often goes to his crate to rest and recharge). Thinking back those puppy classes were crucial and that really set the foundation for our relationship. I’m currently working on off-leash training and fetch which seems to be going quite well. He has an imposing gate and his agility is unbelievable, Juno certainly has a lot to do with that. He is able to turn at such high speed without making a misstep. Most small breed dogs are popular here because of apartment living and lifestyle. The miniature schnauzer is especially a favourite. So when people see Kulfi he really throws them for a loop because he has the schnauzer look but his size isn’t what people are used to here. He has struck up many a conversation and has been informing the community of the wonders of his kind. Our vet has told me that there are two other standards around in DB, Oscar and Stoobie. I met Stoobie on a walk a while back, she’s eight years old and is from Australia so she has a full tail. She was very sweet and calm, nothing like my boisterous Kulfi. It seems strange to see an SS with a tail, but I know that’s because of my perceptual orientation with Kulfi in my life. Kulfi has made many friends. A particular white standard poodle Connie is very partial to him. The two of them jump and run around in an open area near where I live. He tends to avoid the little yappy dogs that are around here. Often he looks at me and gives me a quizzical look that I read as ‘why are they so yappy?’ Lately we have ventured outside DB and have been going to Hong Kong island to visit my family. He’s now gotten used to travelling via ferry (it takes about 20mins by ferry) and is a big fan of the car. You will also be interested to know that Kulfi has converted my father and elder brother to the wonders of living with a dog. He gives endless love and entertainment. So much so that they have talked about the possibility of getting another. I have seriously considered it, but this decision will only happen after a few more years so that Kulfi hopefully will be open to the idea of a brother, but more importantly that I feel confident that I will be able to handle another. I read your blog posts about the litters over the summer with much anticipation. I hope you are doing well and sending all my love. I have attached some few photos. Proudly representing Dinsdale in Hong Kong!
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