Wednesday, 9 April 2014

It's coming

We had a very long, cold, snow laden winter, the last week the snow is quickly receding, mud has come and will soon dry up.  I have felt like a caged animal the last five months, yes FIVE months of being snowed under.  Right now life here is a little in limbo, the ground remains too unstable to get out onto and work, saturated with water, everywhere you walk you find mud.  But, I know, any day now the water table is going to drop, the paths will dry, the soil in the raised beds will be ready to work in.  When that happens look out it is going to get pretty wild, I cannot wait!
I have my seedlings growing under lights, I have boxes full of seed envelopes to direct plant.  I have ducks and geese on order, fingers crossed the hatching goes well and I get to add these fun birds to my flock.
So, for the next few days we wait...and the dogs snooze, and soon we will be outside.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My happy girls

It maybe wet and dreary but it isn't minus twenty!  This makes our chickens very happy, they rushed out of the coop this morning into the rain without complaint.  Once more they are able to access the property, snow isn't completely gone, but they can make there way to most places without stepping on what is still here.
 Another day without snow is another great day in the hens world

I have laying boxes set up in a couple of areas, inside the coop and this one just outside that has become a favourite with a few of the girls.  Below is a pretty Wyandotte laying the first egg of the day
A little privacy please!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Found feathers

Monday, 31 March 2014

Herbs and chickens

I am almost scared to hope that Spring is maybe on it's way.  I am certain that winter isn't completely done with us, but, I am going to enjoy the sunshine and receding snow and ice for the moment.  Gearing up for the coming season I have started my seedlings, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and such, they are beginning to germinate and poke their little green heads out of the soil.
In three weeks I am hoping to have ducklings and goslings arrive (big smile :-)))) I sure hope that once Spring does finally get here it does so quickly, not wanting to have to keep them inside for too long.
Hurry hurry Spring we have so many projects planned for when you do make an appearance!
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