Wednesday 1 May 2013

Spring = Work

Eranthis blooming today

It is a crazy time of the year, Spring.  With it arriving late this year it seems like we have been heaved into a mad sprint to get everything complete.  I apologize to anyone whose email has gone unanswered the last couple of weeks, I just haven't had the time or the motivation by the end of the day.

So, what is on the go? dogs, girls have been in and out of season (thank goodness as Beamish was losing his mind...again) Both Clover and Hilde have been bred, we expect pups mid June and early July.  One litter Pepper & Salt litter, the other Black, more on that another day.

We have a ton of vegetable & herb seedlings started, they are taking over my life.  With so many we have to run the grow lights 24/7 and each morning and evening I switch them out, half go under the bench and half go on top to bask in 12 hours of daylight.  It doesn't seem like much work, but, believe me there are hundreds of plants, they all need to be watered and moved.

Today I transplanted 60 sunflower seedlings to individual pots.  I now have an excuse not to groom my dogs as they occupy my grooming tables in my front room.  To thank me for giving them new roomy pots they are drooping and looking like they are about to die.

Of course, because we never like to do things in a normal, prepared fashion, we do not have the gardens set up outside to accommodate all these plants, which means more work.  Saturday we rented a huge tiller and spent the day tilling out a 20' X 30' garden plot.  Mick and I worked a tilling relay taking turns being dragged around the plot by the beast for 5 hours.  I couldn't move my arms above my head for two days.   Additional top soil will be delivered tomorrow, I have asparagus crowns and potatoes that HAVE to be put in the ground...NOW.

Our Garlic bulbs planted last Autumn are up doing great!

In typical leap before you look fashion, last January I ordered chicks and goslings.  My plan was to set them up in the spare bedroom for a couple of weeks then move out to the coop once they feathered out a little bit.  I 'figured' I could put them in the area that I store the feed bins, it is fenced and they would be safe from the adult hens until big enough to protect themselves and I could hang a heating lamp for them.  What I didn't count on back in January (when more poultry seemed like such a great idea) was having about 300 seedlings in my spare bedroom, hmmm.....not sure what I am going to do now??  They are suppose to arrive...tomorrow, ack!

Oh well, I will figure it all out, I'm sure.  The big bonus, more chick photos in the future :-)

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