Wednesday 20 July 2011

This puppy stuff

How much fun is my Trinny pup? I have one girl I haven't sold, I have dithered and hummed and hawed, and every day I switch between selling and keeping, today is a keeper day. I hope everyone that has a Trinny pup is enjoying them, this little girl is an absolute delight. She is a bright little penny that figures everything out in nano seconds, every day is a happy day in her world. I have always laughed and said how much I would love to live in 'Trinny Land' I figure the sun is always shining the sky is a glorious shade of blue and the flowers are endlessly blooming. Her daughter is the same, sweet and happy and always thinking that....maybe today...just maybe.... Fiddle will like her (she doesn't) I can see the absolute shock on her face when mean & nasty Fiddle nails her for being too damn happy. But she forgives Fiddle and I know that by tomorrow morning she will be back to greet her with the same optimism that today is the day, the day that Fiddle will welcome her puppy advances, and you know what? I think if any puppy can do it, this one can.
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