Tuesday 14 December 2010

A Diamond in the Ruff

My Jewels
Jewels has been the top dog in our house for many years, even as a pup I could sense that she was serious about being taken seriously. Extremely dedicated to me, I have no doubt that she would take a piece out of the backside of anyone that tried to do me wrong. Jewels would never gush over you, her love, loyalty and devotion was there in the quiet way she moved through the house with me, would faithful lay outside the door I last went out and on my return would greet me with a bark, a quiet wag, and of course a dirty look as if to admonish me for having left with out her. She was rarely physically demonstrative, a gentle stroke or ear rub was all she wanted. She loved only two people her entire life myself and Mick, she didn't want nor need any other person, that was just Jewels, it didn't bother her but frustrated many visitors I am sure. Jewels was very maternal to daughter Gussy her entire life, their mother/daughter bond was strong and it wasn't unusual to see Gussy lying contentedly while momma Jewels would groom her. They were a formidable team and would always back each other up. I often wondered how she missed Gussy after she passed away this summer. With pups she had a soft spot and seemed to know the secret in how to discipline to gain respect yet not destroy their trust in her. Oh and Jewels was a terrible flirt with the boys, she sure loved her Toy Boys :-)) In her later years she loved to go for a car ride especially if a Tim Horton drive-thru was involved, Tim-Bits were a big hit with Jewels. As a special treat when there were no other cars on the road I would slow right down, lower the window and let her lean far out catching all the interesting scents on the wind. She grew old with grace and was the only dog that didn't look silly in a shaggy coat, she just looked regal and majestic. As her eyes clouded with age she became extremely attached to my physical presence and refused to sleep anywhere but in my bedroom. Never on the bed, but the floor at the foot of the bed, that was her choice, I would of made room for Jewels. As her legs became sore with age she would slowly make the trip up the stairs each night, the last few months she would 'allow' us to carry her up every now and then. When she was diagnosed with congestive heart disease last year Mick and I decided to spoil her as long as we could, our weekend breakfasts always included extra rations for Jewels, bugger the worries about fat and salt, if Jewels enjoyed a couple sausages or a piece of bacon we were fine with that. For some reason the last couple of months she became obsessed with Mick's evening cup of tea & cookies , it was hilarious to see this old girl beg for a bit of cookie. It was finally her loss of appetite that told me it was time. Jewels was far from perfect, she barked a lot, quarreled way too much with some of my other females, refused to participate in dog shows, disliked my family and friends, was the most stubborn schnauzer I have ever had always having to have the last word. In her senior years she could best be described as a grumpy old curmudgeon. But she was our curmudgeon and I am going to miss her company at bedtime, breakfast time, or when apologizing to visitors about the grumpy schnauzer. Jewels has been a huge presence in our home and our lives for almost 15 years. How I am going to miss that dog!
Dinsdale Diamonds are Forever 'Jewels' May 1996-December 2010
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