Friday 20 August 2010

Angel or Devil's Spawn?

What do you see when you look at this photo of Clover? A sweet, sleepy puppy...well you would be wrong, this little wiry canine is pure evil. It's true, my super easy, sweet puppy is 6 months old and has morphed into a holy terror. It's like she woke up one day and decided that she was going to make ever waking hour an exercise in annoying everyone in the house. Daisy bares the brunt of it as she is just too nice, Clover has been mauling her, oh yeah it's all in 'play' but I can see that evil little schnauzer mind working away with thoughts of future world domination. I am to blame, she has been such an easy pup to have around that I have let her have way too many liberties at way to young an age. So operation 'attitude adjustment' starts today for the little hooligan. Check back for updates, I think the journey is going to be bumpy.
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