Monday 19 April 2010

Coat rework

Last year I started clipping Hexe's coat, being black it immediately began to fade and lose the wonderful deep black colour. I decided that I would attempt to strip out her coat and see if I could restore it to it's original glory. Yesterday I spent almost two hours pulling at Hexe's coat, what a job...and it still looks like hell :-( I will continue and see how long it takes to get it looking nice again, I am hoping one or two full strip outs should have it growing back in with proper texture and colour. Will post photos over the months to show the results. Such a lovely day yesterday we did a little photo shoot with Hexe in all her wavy undercoat. I am a little biased but doesn't she look gorgeous. Changing the topic but still about Schnauzers, friend Patti of Torhaus Standard Schnauzers has handsome 10 month old Hershey (photo below) available to the right home. You will remember Hershey as the wonderful WMPP (Worlds Most Perfect Pup) photographed at the beach with Beamish last summer. If you have been thinking about a Standard Schnauzer, or, better yet, a second one, drop an email to Patti and she would be happy to talk further about this super young boy. Go to my website HERE for more details.
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