Sunday, 10 August 2008

Things my dogs have killed

Jewels the mighty huntress poses with a less then lively Chipmunk (look into her beard). This photo was taken a couple years ago. Today while out scooping the front yard I had to pick up the remains of an unfortunate Garter Snake. My dogs are death on Garter Snakes, which I find sad as snakes eat mice and we hate mice! Below is a list of Canadian Wildlife that my dogs have killed over the years...I am sure I am missing a few... Garter Snakes, many, many, MANY Garter Snakes Toads, which make the dogs froth at the mouth and drool but they persevere Voles Lovely little Red Squirrel Frogs, they don't make the dogs froth and drool and are much more fun to chase. Flying Squirrel, sadly this was one of the first things Madie killed when we moved to the country. Rat...or was it a.... ...Muskrat...a litter of 7 week old pups destroyed it beyond recognition before we could verify what the beast was. Mice Cottontail Rabbits Lots of summer fledglings Chipmunks, I think the Schnauzers cull out the dumb, slow ones A beautiful winter Cardinal, I believe the second critter Madie killed when we moved to the country Bullfrogs
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